Unique Search Assignments

Our approach to search has been proven over many years and is supported by experienced researchers and search consultants. The process works across all disciplines and levels in an organisation. It works in financial services, manufacturing, retail, marketing and sales, services and technical.


Why Search

The Recruitment Market in South Africa has undergone a radical shift. It is no longer enough to place an advert in the Sunday Times and expect a flood of high caliber candidates to respond. You will certainly receive numerous responses to an advert, but they will largely be unqualified to fill the role.

Equally, the success of much vaunted Job Boards has left a great deal to be desired. The quality candidates, being sought to fill senior executive roles do not place their CV’s on Career Junction for all to see.


Networking with peers in industry remains a highly effective route for CEO’s seeking people, but all too often fails to deliver candidates who meet in excess of 90% of the requirements of a demanding job.


At Laser Outsourced Recruitment, we believe that an aggressive Talent Acquisition strategy has to be spearheaded by Search. There are top caliber candidates in the market, but they may not actively be looking to change jobs. They are unlikely to peruse the Sunday Times or Financial Mail’s Jobs Sections and almost certainly have not registered with Career Junction or P-Net. We call these candidates “passive candidates”.


The only way to attract these candidates is through an aggressive search programme.



Steps in the Search Process