Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourced Recruitment will always be a core competency within Laser, as our clients believe it delivers the most cost-effective and efficient staffing solution available in the market.


We will work with our clients to design a fully integrated resourcing solution for the business. Our staff are based at our client’s premises and effectively become a specialised resourcing arm which is generally an extension of HR. In this role, we would manage the agreed elements of the resourcing practice on behalf of our client. It is a long-term solution at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.


We are passionate about Outsourced Recruitment. It will always be the foundation upon which our business is set. Why do we feel so strongly about this approach to recruitment?


The reasons are that this service delivers the ultimate recruitment solution to our clients, at far lower cost than traditional recruitment services. It does so without threatening or removing HR’s autonomy and authority. We partner with your HR Team to deliver the best possible candidates in the market. We are accountable and responsible in the long-term to ensure that our clients have the staff to ensure strategic goals are achieved.


Some of the benefits to our RPO clients are:

  • RPO frees HR to focus on the really strategic issues
  • Placing adverts and using a number of recruitment agencies does not result in hiring top quality staff. The process is frustrating, costly and time consuming. Your competitors are all doing the same as you are currently. Do you want to effectively differentiate your resourcing strategy to ensure that you get your “unfair” share of talent?
  • Our integration into your top management team ensures that we understand where your business is going and are able to pro-actively source candidates for current and future business strategies
  • Our multi-dimensional sourcing approach provides your business with market intelligence and leaves no stone unturned.
  • Creating a partnership with Laser is a long-term solution, which allows you to build talent pools which lead to more effective recruitment and retention.
  • Having Laser as your outsourced partner allows us to represent you in the market in line with your strategies and unique employer value proposition. We will work with you to establish your business as an Employer of Choice.
  • Our team is fully integrated into your business allowing them to assess candidates consistently on technical abilities, behavioural attributes and values/culture fit.
  • You are the sole focus of our dedicated recruitment team. You gain exclusivity over them and we partner with only your business in your industry sector. Thus we have no limitations on where we source candidates.
  • The implementation of a competency based recruitment solution ensures consistency and transparency in your recruitment and promotion assessments. This creates a fair process which results in you being able to make informed decisions.
  • Your recruitment processes are legally compliant
  • Your recruitment becomes less time consuming, less expensive and more effective