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Our client-centric approach and highly scaleable systems enable us to develop innovative resourcing solutions with our clients. Should the need arise, for example, we have the capability to undertake 3rd Party Recruitment Agency assessments, Overall Recruitment Vendor management, Recruitment Systems selection and support and general resourcing consulting. Each of these services will be tailored to a defined and specific client need.

Recruitment Consulting Services

Has your Internal Staffing Process evolved to a 21st Century approach?


In most organisations it is simply not delivering. The poor quality of candidates submitted to Line Managers is negatively impacting on delivery. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Public sector. The problem is not confined to the Public sector. It is evident throughout the economy.

  • Only 20% of staff are A-Players, 60% are B-Players and 20% are C-Players. This means that 20% of all staff does not have the capacity to even meet expectations. 60% will need strong management inputs to just ensure that they meet expectations!
  • Over 50% of the people recruited will leave within two years. • One in four people recruited will leave within six months.
  • Nearly 70% of organisations report that staff leaving the company has a negative impact.
  • Nearly 70% of companies find it hard to replace staff.
  • 50% of organisations have problems retaining staff.

No one would willingly recruit a staff member who was dud. They would also not recruit someone who did not fit or who would leave within 6 months!


This means that there is clearly a problem with the approach most companies are taking to securing their most valuable resource. The tried and tested processes are simply failing to deliver the desired results.

Why is this?

Globally the Staffing Function is undergoing profound change. The model that will become the standard for the 21st Century is profoundly different from the model that has been in existence for the past 30 years.


Unlike many core processes that have been under the microscope over the last 10-15 years, staffing has not evolved. The result is in many organisations budgets for the staffing department have been cut. This in turn has impaired the quality of staff and limited the tools they have at their disposal. Thus begins a vicious circle.


Some of the obvious problems are:

  • They are unable to find and secure for their employers the best people in the market;
  • They rely on 3rd party recruiters to source staff. This means that the employer incurs the Internal Recruitment and 3rd Party agency costs;
  • The processes lack structure and are labour intensive;
  • They are reactive to the needs of managers. This results in a tactical rather than a strategic approach; They have done little to embrace the technology waves that have swept have swept the world;
  • The tools used to measure staffing, are no longer relevant;
  • The language they speak is not the language of executives.

Many local HR Directors know that these problems exist. Few have the time or resources to tackle them. Those that have progressed are seeing the benefits. They have been able to find the talent to drive business, as we emerge from recession. The skills shortage has not gone away. It has simply taken a back-seat during the recession. Make no mistake, it will be back!

So, how are the global leaders positioned to embrace 21st Centuey Staffing?


They are focused on candidate quality, the effectiveness of candidate sourcing, recruiter efficiency, the link between the performance of staffing and business performance and making sure their recruiters talk the same language as other senior executives - numbers!


They are able to show the improvement through measurement systems that are understood by senior executives. These metrics include:

  • The use of Marketing tools to calculate the return on investment on advertising and employer branding The use of Supply Chain measures to assess if the Recruiting funnel is working Quality Control procedures to appraise the Quality of Candidates submitted
  • Financial measures to evaluate the Recruiter’s performance
  • Traditional Productivity tools are being used to measure Employee Satisfaction and Retention and
  • Talent pools and Workforce planning are quantified using Business Forecasting tools

In order to cope with the demands being placed on staffing, technology has been embraced. This is not simply placing adverts on Job Boards - which is pretty much the only technology driven change that staffing has accepted. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential to day-to-day tasks. CRM systems are used to build of Talent Pools, 2nd Generation Search tools empower them to find candidates without having to use agencies, a wide variety of social media tools allow them to communicate with candidates in a language they understand. Finally they understanding and accept responsibility for the part they play in making sure strategic objectives are achieved.


Perhaps even more profound is the change in how staffing team members communicate with candidates and business executives. With regard to candidates, Recruiters now are selling the employer brand. This is how they get the A-players in the door. They communicate at an entirely different level to ensure that their ongoing role in attracting top achievers meets the organisation demands of the 21st Century.


Equally, the language global Recruitment leaders speak at executive level, is understood. Their credibility at Exco level is growing. In fact, in organisations where the attraction and retention of talent are important, they now have a seat at the table!

Laser Recruitment Solutions can help!


Our Recruitment Process Consulting Team will help you to redefine your Staffing Process. We will work with you to define core outputs and measures. We will train your staff in the latest approaches to:

  • Output based Recruitment Specifications
  • Sourcing A-players using a wide variety of 2nd generation search tools.
  • Effective interviewing techniques
  • Reference checks that will tell you if you are really getting what you expect
  • CRM – including introducing you to and assisting you to set up a very low cost CRM system
  • Talent pooling and what they can do to improve your organisation as a talent magnet
  • The new language of staffing
  • Linking Internal recruiter Performance to business performance to ensure your seat at the Executive table

We will help you to eliminate the B and C-Players from your organisation. We will make them more productive and save significant amounts on 3rd Party agency fees.


Contact David Mitchell on 011 463 0502 to find out more.